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Becoming Brave

Becoming Brave is a new Guardian reviewed autobiographical children’s book about love, grief and believing in yourself. It was published by Little Tiger in August 2023. Written by me, Jennie Cashman Wilson and illustrated by Tomekah George, it follows my story and my relationship with my late husband, critically acclaimed jazz musician Abram Wilson.


I wrote Becoming Brave in 2019, a year before the world turned upside. The story was originally intended to be told once to an audience of about 1,000 primary-school children at Birmingham Symphony Hall, but when I got off stage someone suggested I turn my story into a children’s book. This quickly snowballed into what eventually became an actual, real-life book. 

Becoming Brave was a journey in itself, weathering the formal withdrawal of the UK from the EU, a global pandemic, a war in Ukraine and a cost-of-living crisis. It feels like if ever there were a time for courage it is now.  

If you want to become braver with me I'd love to hear from you. You can find out about working with me HERE.


About the book

If you want to try new things, you have to be brave. But you can’t be brave without also being scared.


While Jennie grew up wanting to please other people, Abram followed his heart from an early age. The two couldn't have been more different, and yet when they met Jennie fell in love with Abram's fearlessness.


But when life takes a turn for the worse and Abram is no longer by Jennie's side, will she find her own courage?


This poignant and heartfelt picture book explores themes of love, grief and believing in yourself in a gentle and uplifting way. With a contemporary setting and characters that many readers will relate to, this book is great for inspiring children and starting important conversations.

Order your copy here: Book Love, Bookshops UKWaterstonesWHSmith or Amazon.

Becoming Brave Workshops 

Over the last 20+ years I've designed and delivered multiple workshop programmes for children and young people, mainly in schools.


I'm currently booking assemblies and workshops for Reception and Years 1 - 3 inspired by my autobiographical children's book, 'Becoming Brave' covering the themes of courage and fear, love and loss. 


If you'd like to find out more about booking me for your school then click on the button below.

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It was such a delight to work with Jennie, she created an open and positive environment for me to work through challenges I was facing in my career at the time. Through her mentorship and coaching I found clarity and focus in what I wanted to achieve; so much has moved in the right direction for me since then. I still refer back to our notes and lean on many of the questions we explored. Ultimately Jennie was a part of helping me to find the confidence I needed to pursue what I was aiming for.

Lara Jones


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