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 The Abram Wilson Charity 

When my husband, the critically acclaimed and award-winning musician Abram Wilson passed away from cancer in June 2012 the kernel of an idea to somehow continue the work that we had begun together was formed. 


Today the Abram Wilson charity continues Abram's legacy by inspiring, connecting and opening doors to the music industry so that minoritised young talent has an equal chance to realise their creative potential.

It provides visibility, access and opportunity within an industry which is often closed to all but the most privileged and exists to champion underrepresented and unrecognised talent. 


Since 2012 the charity has grown to work with over 200 performing artists through performances, coaching, mentoring and strategy sessions; 650 young people through music education workshops; and 10,000 pupils through live performances.


As its founder and CEO I’ve been listed in WISE100, a national index recognising the top women in social enterprise and have been a recipient of the WACL Talent Award

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Throughout his career, Abram touched thousands of lives with his music, workshops and projects, and was as passionate about bringing through young talent, as he was about composing and performing his music. What always amazed me about him was that someone of his ability and stature could have played with anybody, yet time and time again he would take on much younger, less experienced musicians to mentor, educate and encourage them.


The Abram Wilson charity continues to work hard to inspire a new generation of talent that is representative of the society we live in and encourages that talent to pass on its skills and expertise to the next generation. 


The Abram Wilson charity is currently focused on expanding its music education programme called Future Sound into the North West in partnership with the Co-op Academies Trust.


Future Sound connects 11 to 18  year olds from Global Majority communities and/or low income families with inspiring, emerging professional jazz musicians who they can relate to, aspire to be like and show them that it’s possible to have a career in the music industry.

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How to work with me

Since stepping down as CEO I've been focusing on helping ambitious purpose-driven creative people and businesses who feel stretched, overwhelmed and unsupported craft and deliver a concrete two-year plan through personalised coaching, mentoring and strategic sessions. I work in three areas: 

If you'd like to learn how you can work with me click on one of the links below. I'd love to hear from you. 

We should be very grateful for the work that Abram Wilson do as independent ‘promoters’ of [jazz] music. They are all about mentoring, encouraging and introducing a new generation to a new, alternative way of life – helping people see the light though music. This is reflected in the person and name of Abram Wilson – who’s raision d’etre and career was something to aspire to and you need role models to inspire the next generation.

Gilles Peterson

Broadcaster and DJ

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