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Becoming Brave
Assembly & Workshops

I help children between ages 4-8 explore their feelings of courage and fear while normalising loss honestly and sensitively through a dynamic assembly and engaging drama workshop to accompany my book, Guardian reviewed true story ‘Becoming Brave’. 


‘Becoming Brave’ is a children’s picture book about love, grief and believing in yourself. It was published by Little Tiger in August 2023 and follows my story and relationship with my late husband, critically acclaimed jazz musician Abram Wilson.

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What Others Are Saying

"We loved meeting Jennie. Her assembly for Year 2 was a really strong element of the day. The story is lovely and really encouraged the children to ask in-depth questions. Jennie was very open with her answers, which were pitched at exactly the right level. She dealt with a difficult subject in a sensitive way and helped normalise it for the children. She was really natural with them! The children really enjoyed all elements of the workshop and had a lovely time; they are still talking about the book a week later...helping the children really open up about their feelings." 

- Tracey Marquand, Head of Year 2, Pilgrims Pre Prep  

Offer & Outcomes

What am I offering? 

  • A sensitive and engaging assembly and workshop for children ages 4-8 that combines storytelling, drama activities, and emotional intelligence development to help your children navigate loss, build resilience, and enhance their overall wellbeing.

What will the outcomes for your children be?

  • Normalise conversations around loss, bereavement, and challenging emotions in an honest, sensitive, and age-appropriate way.

  • Foster a deeper understanding of your children’s emotions of fear, courage, and loss using their bodies and imagination.

  • A better understanding of how to develop coping mechanisms to navigate life's challenges now and in the future.

  • Development of emotional intelligence.

  • Supported to achieve more academically by addressing their emotional wellbeing.

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How will I do this? 

  • Dynamic 20-30 minute assembly featuring storytelling from my Guardian-reviewed book 'Becoming Brave', a true story about love, loss, and believing in yourself, followed by a Q&A.

  • Interactive and playful drama workshop for each class, exploring feelings of courage, fear and loss through the body, role-playing, and imaginary journeys.

  • Unique story circle sessions for Years 1-3 where children collectively create their own 'Becoming Brave' stories, safely exploring their feelings around loss through fiction.

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Schedule a meeting to discuss your school's existing pastoral offerings and how this programme can complement and enhance them.

What Others Are Saying

"My Year 1 children really enjoyed the story and showed great interest in the themes. I think they were fascinated by the fact that it was a true story and were keen to ask many questions. Jennie answered all questions well, in a way that was pitched perfectly for the age group. She dealt with questions honestly but sensitively. The drama workshop sessions were lively and engaging. Children were given opportunities to consider and act out what it is to be brave through a series of freeze frame actions.  They were also able to look at the concept of loss. For me it was lovely to see how my whole class were actively engaged, particularly one child who is generally rather shy and resistant to take (sic) part." 

- Graham Orr, Head of PHSE and Year 1 Class Teacher, Pilgrims Pre Prep

Who's This For? 

Teachers working with Reception – Year 3 seeking to strengthen their pastoral offerings and enhance their PSHE curriculum who: 

  • Want me to come in and deliver an Assembly & Workshops for Reception - Year 3 (4 - 8 year olds)

  • Have budget to go towards the Assembly & Workshops. Please contact me to discuss fees.

  • Can provide a hall and screen to deliver the Assembly & Workshops.

Who's This NOT For? 


Teachers working with Reception – Year 3 seeking to strengthen their pastoral offerings and enhance their PSHE curriculum who: 

  • Don't have a budget in this current academic year or the next to put towards this. ​

If this is you then please download the FREE lesson plans using the link below. 

Why me? 

  • I have a track record of addressing the sensitive topic of loss and facilitating emotional expression through drama and storytelling as a workshop leader and storyteller for primary school children

  • While CEO of the Abram Wilson charity, a music education charity I founded after my husband Abram passed away in 2012, I reached over 10,000 children and young people through inspiring music education programmes which I co-designed with my team and partnering schools.  

  • My Asembly & Workshop complement the 'Shield of Resilience', ‘Emotion Wheel’ and 'Managing Emotions' curricula, reinforcing the importance of emotional intelligence, mental health, emotional wellbeing and a growth mindset.

Sign me up!

Schedule a meeting to discuss your school's existing pastoral offerings and how this programme can complement and enhance them.

By incorporating this assembly and workshop into your school's offerings, you'll create a safe and playful space for children to understand and communicate their curiosity and feelings around loss, supporting them in preparing to navigate life's challenges as they grow up, and ultimately helping them to improve their overall wellbeing and academic success.

Many of the children who participated have shown a marked increase in their confidence in class, and their willingness to speak their mind. We have found that many of the participants have a higher opinion of themselves, and are more resistant to adversity in their day-to-day experiences…Confidence…has been the most notable; some of our children were very reluctant to speak in class or to actively make new friends, and the workshops have helped many of them to find their voice and enjoy speaking in front of others.

Alex Lee

Former Vice Principal, Mossbourne Parkside Academy, London

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