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Jennie Cashman Wilson


Coach, Mentor, Strategist and Educator for Creative People, Businesses and Learning. 

Gain clarity, confidence and motivation so you can make more money doing what you love.


Children's Author of True Story 'Becoming Brave' 

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Hey, I'm Jennie

I'm a certified coach, a member of the Association of Coaching, a mentor, strategist and educator for creative people just like you.

If you're an ambitious purpose-driven creative, I'll work with you to craft a concrete 2 year plan that will help you to start making more money sustainably and give you the financial freedom you long for.   

I have over 15 years’ experience of working with passionate and entrepreneurial creatives, and I spent over a decade building my own creative business into a multi six figure music organisation.

If you really want to get clear on how to achieve your long-term ambitions, make more money so that you can reinvest in your business and community then I can help you.

Find out more about working with me HERE.

If you’re a passionate child-first educator for Reception - Year 3 who's seeking to strengthen their pastoral offerings, enhance their PSHE curriculum and recognises the value of creative learning then keep reading.

I help children between ages 4-8 explore their feelings of courage and fear while normalising loss honestly and sensitively through a dynamic assembly and engaging drama workshop to accompany my book, Guardian reviewed true story ‘Becoming Brave’. 


‘Becoming Brave’ is a children’s picture book about love, grief and believing in yourself. It was published by Little Tiger in August 2023 and follows my story and relationship with my late husband, critically acclaimed jazz musician Abram Wilson.


Click HERE to find out more. 


Creative Businesses

Get clear on how to turn your ambitions into a reality by working with me to develop a concrete plan that will help you make more money sustainably, reinvest in your business and have a positive impact on your creative community

Learn how to treat your career like a business so that you can make more money while feeling supported, clearer and more confident  

Creative Education

Give your children the opportunity to normalise conversations around loss, bereavement, and challenging emotions in an honest, sensitive, and age-appropriate way through my fun, dynamic and heart-warming assemblies and workshops that accompany my Guardian reviewed book 'Becoming Brave.'

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