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Coaching Testimonials 

Scroll down to hear from some of the incredible people I've worked with below.


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“Your help over the past few years has been a true blessing and it's difficult to put into words how grateful I am for it. I wouldn't be the person and artist I am without you, so thank you for being there for me!”

Working with Jennie was definitely a highlight in my career as an artist, musician and former educator.

She was the first person who gave me an opportunity in this country. Starting from projects within the field of music education, to then supporting me throughout my professional career development as an artist.


The professional and emotional support she provided allowed me to take some crucial career turns that helped me solidify my team, build confidence in my project, as well as feel part of a wider community of musicians and artists with a similar background to mine.


Jennie is one of the most caring people I know and I feel extremely grateful for her mentoring and closeness. Having lived in the UK for the past 8 years, I can confidently say, I wouldn't feel as settled and integrated as I do right now if I hadn't met her. A whole round exceptional human being.

Much love <3<3<3


I first started to work with Jennie in 2020 through her charity, Abram Wilson. It was in the midst of the pandemic when ironically my music career had just started to shape up. Jennie’s support has been paramount to my progress as a working artist. Her coaching skills involving visualisation helped me navigate through hard times and craft plans which led me to get signed to a label among other important events. Also her generous nature and commitment to our community has nurtured me as recently as yesterday (as I’m writing this). Thank you Jennie xxx 

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Working with Jennie has completely transformed my career and my way of thinking about my life.


I can't stress enough the difference and the amount that I learnt in our time together in both our coaching and strategy sessions, and now, a year on, I still apply these lessons consistently in my day to day.


Before working with Jennie, I struggled with self confidence, creating balance in my work life and being unsure of how to create long term plans and momentum. 


The combination of these things and the pandemic stalled my work, but the patience and expertise of Jennie really came at the perfect time, and helped me to plan and navigate my first album release and tour, despite many hurdles.


I attribute a lot of the success of my debut album to the help and knowledge that Jennie shared, as well as feeling like I now have the skills and self confidence to push on and apply to future projects.


I honestly can't say thank you enough.

Musician, Composer, Educator

When I started working with Jennie, I was ready to take my career as an artist seriously and begin to put the same effort I’d put in other people’s projects into mine. Doing that whilst in the middle of a global pandemic proved to be quite challenging - just as I was looking to connect even more with my musical community.


Working with Jennie allowed me to work through some of the concerns and fears I had going into this new, concentrated creative process. We worked through a lot of my own mental blocks, talked through the actions I needed to take, wrote out a plan with deadlines as to how I was going to go about achieving everything and all within a realistic and comfortable timeframe.


It was also great to have a sounding board for any other professional queries I had, or opportunities that I wanted to talk through - I felt very supported. Working with Jennie was a really great experience, and allowed me to explore my feelings deeper than if I'd tried to do it on my own.


Over the past two years, I’ve definitely grown in confidence in making things happen for myself and that’s been thanks to the coaching and strategic support that I received from Jennie.


Artist, DJ, Event Producer

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